Churchill show lasted for 25 minutes last night as NTV Cut short the show due to reasons that do not come as a surprise to many. Kenyans were always used to the usual Sunday evening laughter provided for by the most famous comedy show in the country. The jokes came in large numbers and it was always a show that could not be missed on the last day of a rather boring weekend sometimes.

The platform was given to more comedians while the old ones kept showing up in bits. Pressure to keep up has made the show bring new age comedy that tends to be mostly offensive. Tribe jokes have always kept the show alive but last night it came as a surprise to fans across the country when Churchill show was cut midair.

Some have gone on to suggest that this might be due to the fact that Kenya Film Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua had something to do with it. Ezekiel Mutua has been an advocating for good morals in the media industry and has cracked his whip on various programs on both radio and TV. Yesterday’s action to stop Churchill show from airing comes after he had posted a statement on his Facebook page suggesting the show was going against moral values in the society.

The post on his Facebook page read, “A stupid prank on Churchill show. An unfortunate idiotic and foul drill, totally in bad taste, lacking in imagination and possibly the evidence of the beginning of the end of an era.” The post is somewhat long but then the last word in the above statement can be very suggesting towards the show’s future! We have been fans of the show but when Ezekiel Mutua says things these days it does happen. It is also rumored that a joke by comedian Zeddy became too explicit and it might have led to the show getting cut.

There was uproar from fans on social media but I think Ezekiel Mutua is just doing his job.