WhatsApp did a major overhaul by introducing Snapchat-like WhatsApp Status a while back. Last week, Facebook revamped its Messenger app to make it more like Snapchat as well. The company launched a feature called Messenger Day that essentially offers Snapchat Stories’ ephemeral messaging – the ability to share photos and videos with your friends that automatically disappear within 24 hours.

Messenger Day appears above your chat threads on Messenger’s home screen, employing the same bold design that helped Instagram Stories rocket to 150 million daily users in 5 months. There you’ll see thumbnail tiles previewing the Days of friends, instead of just a name and profile pic. They’re reverse chronologically ordered to help you make plans with people sharing now. You can tap to fast-forward or rewind, and hold to pause, with your next friend’s Day appearing right after the last.

However, just like the new WhatsApp Status, it doesnt include features like: swipeable color and light filters (Snapchat, Instagram), caption background colors (Instagram), boomerang or GIF capture (Instagram), mentions of friends that would start group chats if you reply (Instagram), among other feaures on SnapChat and Instagram stories. They must just include those features in time.

It looks like the social media giant is blatantly copying Snapchat features into all its verticals, and it’s only a matter of time before it spills over to the main Facebook app as well. It is stealing the best parts of Snapchat and putting them front and center, which isn’t innovation. But at the end of the day, all that is going to count is the outreach and impact on the market.

The feature will however create a redundancy on social media platforms because if people want to share photos and videos, they already can on Facebook or as Stories on Instagram as well as Snapchat. It just feels like every app has a stories feature nowadays!