Facebook Wants Your Nudes! See Why Here…

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(Last Updated On: November 27, 2017)

Facebook wants to see your nudes, and it’s for a totally normal reason, says Facebook! In an effort to combat revenge porn, the social giant has devised a plan.

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In a heroic and totally innovative attempt, Facebook would like very much if you’d be so kind and send them nude photos of yourself.

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But don’t worry, they’re only going to be viewed by a small group of people for manual confirmation of said nudes, and then stored temporarily… for reasons.

Facebook’s new program will use image matching technology. So once someone sends in a nude photo, it’s entered into a database, which then prevents anyone else from uploading it onto the site. It’s called being “hashed“. The picture will be converted into a unique digital fingerprint, which can then be used to identify and block it from being uploaded by someone else.

Testing in Australia first, then the U.S., UK and Canada, the pilot is an extension of the company’s previously announced set of tools for users on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to prevent their most intimate images from being shared without their permission. 

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