36 year old Mya Marie Harrison was in Kenya this past weekend for one of the biggest concerts on this side of the Sahara-The Plot held at the Waterfront Grounds at the Ngong Racecourse. The sweet soft-spoken musician also came to promote her new twelve track album ‘Smoove Jones’ which features songs like ‘Coolin’,’Phya’,Welcome To My World’,’Elevator’,’Hold On’,’Spoil Me’,’One Man Woman’ and ‘Team You’ just to name afew.
This time round we see a more mature yet vibrant Mya with extraordinary dance moves, exploring new styles of music like neo-soul, jazz and dancehall not veering off from her RnB roots. She has this sex appeal and positive energy that makes her a crowd favorite, and she is not afraid to speak her mind at any given time.
Varcity had the opportunity to sit down with her to know why and how she manages to maintain her super stardom and this is what she had to say:

How was it competing in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season nine and have you been dancing your whole life?

It was fun yet challenging to do Ballroom dancing. It helped me learn how to do tap dance, ballet and jazz at 3 years old.

You were bullied in school when you were younger.Did that affect your self-confidence?
It made me have low self esteem every time I was teased.I was sad and depressed but things got better over time. Its positive in the artistry.
Tell us more about your record label?
Planet 9 is my own record label.I fund my own projects.
What is the secret to maintaining your stunning beauty?
Veganism,staying healthy and having a healthy diet, taking lots of water, no sodas and staying away from negativity.
Would you say you owe your musical career to your father for discovering you could dance and sing?
Both my parents were instrumental having invested heftily in classes and time for me. University of Music Entertainment gave me my first shot and success.
Any last words?
Im happy to have come to Nairobi and I love the warmth and energy of the people.

What do you think of Mya? Any songs from her your favorite? Tell us below.