One in every five guys I know plays fantasy football, well that is self-research.
Fantasy football is huge these days and everyone seems to play it. It is a growing hobby or game – whatever you want to call it – that is catching the nation by storm. Millions and millions of people are participating in fantasy football every football season and our campus lads are not spared of this yet. This craze is catching up with everyone most of those taking part in this fascinating sport bare just average Joes. But there are even a lot of professional soccer players, athletes, celebrities and politicians that enjoy fantasy football.

Fantasy 2
Fantasy football, by definition, is a virtual football game in which users draft players from other teams to form their ideal teams to compete against each other. Fantasy Football gives users full control of the management aspects of a football team; virtually of course. If nothing else, it gives users the feel of being in the front office calling all the shots.
A user’s primary focus should be compile a team of players with a budget availed and teams actually do their draft before the season, so everyone has a chance in getting their name or team on the league board.

Kenya’s young populace has not avoided the craze that is sweeping the nation, with many fantasy football enthusiasts walking the halls.
One of the biggest enthusiast Tony Gitonga explains the spirit behind this craze, “I just like competing with my friends,” Says Tony. “There is a lot of strategy involved in fantasy football and it gives me an opportunity to outsmart them.”
It isn’t uncommon for a fantasy football fan to be in multiple leagues.
“I am in three leagues, some leagues are just for fun but others are for money.”
For participants that are serious about it, fantasy football plays a large part in their life.
“I spend probably about four hours a week on it,” he says. “And that doesn’t even count watching all the games on Sunday.”
Both Tony and everyone alike in agrees that they watch more pro football because of fantasy football.
“It gives me people to cheer for and it is a form of entertainment for me,” he says.
The English Premier League is the most popular among the current generation and this new craze cannot be simply overlooked.
It is no secret that Fantasy Football is taking over and this is now the ideal hobby for everyone.