#FanThursday Frank Anyona; The Maasai Mara University Student Passionate About Making A Change

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

With negative stories about university student leaders doing rounds on media, one can forget the main reason why this students were elected in the first place, its different nowadays the campaigns are bigger the money is ever flowing and at times we tend to forget what’s really important, why are this leaders elected, to whom are they supposed to serve, we let a few notes  blind us, the promises of a better living conditions in our campuses, a fair chance for every comrade to have an opportunity to learn  not having been deprived of anything,  to me education should be free, knowledge should be free,

I sat down with one Frank Anyona Moseti from Maasai university, who has similar opinions, who has been fighting to improve the lives of students who are from unprivileged families  to have an acces to knowledge without thinking of finances, a very soft spoken and funny guy  I must add,

Tell me about yourself frank

My name is Frank Anyona Moseti, we are only two in our family my brother and i ,I completed my high school in one small school in Kisii county, I am currently a 3rd year student in Maasai Mara university and I have always been on the fore front to fight for students rights having grown in a humble background with no mother or father I always feel bad when needy students are denied the chance to complete their education due to at times petty fee balances which mostly are caused by great delays of HELB cash. That’s my hobby some call it politics though

Im so sorry about your parents, when did you first realize that you had the calling to fight for your comrades,what motivated you and what drives you to be a difference in your school

My dad died when I was 3years old and mum when I was 12 years , I was quite young then having lost both parents a part of you is lost , both my uncles stepped in and took us in my brother and I ,one magistrate Oigara whose currently in Embu law courts and Tom who works at Barclays…I dint get to know much about my parents since they were taken waaay tio soon but all I know is I have been inspired much by my two uncles

I started fighting for my rights and as well as others when I was in high school …,I remember in form two I was the class prefect but I had to resign after a teacher organized for a trip which we never went but the money had been collected, to this date I don’t know if the teacher spent the money or what ha[ppened it made me realize that the weak or those preserved as weak are taken advantage off by people who perceive themselves as of a stronger group that incident really disturbed me.

Iv heard of MR Oigara, I find him honest as he handles his cases ,follows procedures and is not quick to judge, are you emulating him ?and are you planning on joining politics

When I joined first year ,the first thing I did was to open a facebook group where us as students could throw our grievances and ex[pect the student  leaders to respond…I am as well a student leader aspirant currently

Congratulations what do you want most to implement in your school and how are you planning on doing that

Yes, yes I am currently working with young leaders such as Obare Thomas former UON student leader  and Essy Okenyuri  current vice chair Maasai Mara university to re-brand KANU into KANU fresh , I may not know my political future well but one thing am sure is that one day I will be a great leader in the great Nyamira county in our country.

Big dreams I must say, rebranding always means better what are you guys planning on changing in your school

the thing I would like to implement more in my school….is to ensure no student calls off the semester due t fee balance ..there are things like the university bussaries that are non-functional currently that I will ensure they start working if given a chance …I will ensure students get their loans in time so that they pay fee in time…the last thing I would strongly fight for is still about fee clearance and its actually ensuring that students who paid over 60% fees are given a chance to do exams so that they clear the fee later, that is achievable especially for JAB students.

in regards to the ongoing case on students murderd in the university of Nairobi compound,as an aspiring leader what are some of the ways youd want to relate to your comrades and to the public

i blame the university administration for failing to protect its students ,they have all concentrated on alshabaab forgetting that they there are minor criminals who commit big crimes…the university is mandated to protect students, student leaders have no any mandate of protecting students apart from pushing proper security /safety from the administration.

you are right about the administration making sure the students are safe, don’t you think as a students leader there are more ways to help implement those safety in your own camp

sure the only way a student leader should implement that one is by organizing security sensitization forums and pushing the administration to secure students in such a way like increasing the number of security personell per student.

inspiring, you must have announced your running , what office would you be running for

its too early to campaighn or even declare a seat I would like to go for but am strongly weighing between the secretary general seat and the vice chair both have almost same roles…I am also working with senior a politicians called joseph kiangoi to see that he gets the senatorial  seat nyamira county ,then 2022 I hope to be in the race of a big seat.

Where do you see yourself in five years

You ask me five years where ill be, I would be deep into the Kenyan politics due to my itch to salvage Kenya.

That’s great now on a more personal note any girlfriends?

I have no girlfriend {he laughs a little} when you’re a politician especially in campus ,dating is hard , I broke up with my girl like three months ago but I hope ill fix things up soon.

I hope you do, thank you so much.

That was Franklin moseti from maasai mara university on making our campuses a better place for studying.




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