#FanThursday Nani Kama Yoga?? The Hilarious IT Guru From Nairobi West!

Every Thursday Varcity get to celebrate their fans by making it all about them, what they do, what interesting about them what they like basically everything we can know, feel like a star today.

He goes by the name Nani Hajui Yoga probably the most hilarious person I have had a chance to interact with. This guy could make an onion laugh and every time I’m in a bad mood I hit up his Facebook page just to see his posts and that always works so when he hit us up and we were more than happy to talk to him being part of our growing fan base yoga not only adds to the smarts but also tickles our funny bone.

Little is known about his real life apart from the guy who guys know for being funny as hell.  So of course being our favorite fan of the day I had to hit him up.

Whats your real name?

Chris Okal Yoga.

Why Nani Hajui Yoga?

Yoga is my real name and being funny and crazy one of my friend used to say; kweli nani hajui yoga; and one of them suggested I use that as my FB name and here we are.

Tell me something small about yourself, what is your favorite drink/food and where do you hang out?

I’m really down to earth you would never know its me when you read my posts then talk to me later, and by the way am very serious at work and around family and a few friends…I hang out mostly in town and Nairobi West that’s the illest place to charge, my favorite drink is whiskey but si zile expensive, just hunters choice will do want to buy me some ??

What do you do when your not cracking up jokes?

I’m an IT by profession, btw I’m very smart that’s what guys don’t know about me they always tend to think the opposite I think that’s why am still single hehehehe.

I think that answers the question if there is anyone special in your life?

No no no im still very single but maybe if you are too we can..

Hehehehe am not, have you always been this hilarious?

I was a school clown back in primary school and high school, I never got bullied because I used to make them laugh so I got away with a lot of stuff, but when I got to college I kinda took a back seat from all that though there were a few crazy moments.

Explain about this crazy moments please.

The crazy moments? WOW !!! Waaay too many and unprintable so lets skip that

Do you have any fears or insecurities?

I fear hurting people and one of my greatness weaknesses is that I trust easily and it usually leads to disappointments.

So how did you come to here about Varcity Kenya?

Yeah I heard that from one of my friends there is this particular article on campus you wrote about and guys couldn’t stop talking about it and of course I had to check it out

What really attracted you to the sight after words?

It looks really nice, I make websites too so I know a good one when I see one, its attractive to the eye and the stories are way on point. Everything a campus woman/man would love, very informative on the current affairs happening in our country. plus lots of entertainment, news that we love to hear about.

Captures campus life perfectly. Count me in as your number one fan.

That was Nani Hajui Yoga one of our fans and today its all about him. Like us on www.varcity.co.ke and join or family and you might get your day. Varcity Kenya is on point, will never disappoint!

By @KaraniJanet

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