#FanThursday Silver Kariuki The Lovely Model With The World At Her Feet


    Silver Kariuki is staging a fashion industry takeover. Young, buxom, and beautiful, Silver has the frame of a model with sized chest, and has the personality of a true supermodel.

    Varcity’s contributor Yahya Gondosio had a talk with her and here is what she had to say:

     How old are you?

    I can only say I am young enough and also very wise enough to know what is good and right for me.

    How did you start modeling?

    I have always fancied fashion and runways since my toddler years. So it’s something that I have grown up loving but it is only until the few recent years that I took it up professionally.


    What was your first big break in the industry?

    WOW, I believe it’s been every break, no matter how big or small. I work with all sorts of people and I believe if you just have fun on a shoot, people will want to work with you again. So my break? Just being who I am seems to be it.

    What has been your favorite job so far?

    That’s a toughie! But I’d have to say my starring in the TRUST Condom adverts that are currently being aired on local TV channels.

     Apart from starring in the TRUST condom advert, what else do you look back and feel proud to have achieved?

    I have participated in several beauty pageants and twice I have come out as the runners up. That gives me motivation and the determination to keep going and I believe I have bigger things coming my way.

    When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

    I love music, enjoy cooking and also travelling. Let’s just say there are lots of things I do when I am not modeling. And besides I am also a student.


    You have a very well-toned body; something many people would like to have but cannot, what is your secret? And it goes without saying that you get a lot of attention, how do you handle that?

    I believe sticking to the right diet and keeping yourself fit by engaging in sporty activities deciding factor on how your body is. And on getting a lot of attention it is normal and I appreciate it but I do not let it get into my head.

    How do you feel about often being compared to some of the great models in the industry?

    I don’t mind. I think it just clears an amazing path for me! But I AM my own person and have many different things to bring to this industry.

     Are you signed by any agency? And what type of model are you exactly?

    No, I am freelance so I work with anyone. I mainly do runways and also commercials.

    Any word of advice to people out there? Mostly girls who are looking to venture into the modeling industry.

    I will not tell them anything new. Just to ask them to believe in themselves and give their best shot at everything they do.


    Varcity wishes Silver all the best in modeling career. To keep updated on what is happening in her modeling career follow her on Instagram @slykirks_centra. You can also follow us on twitter @Varcitykenya and on Instagram also @varcitykenya.