Radio royalty Fareed Khimani has been known to many Kenyan listeners as presenter who caused a lot of controversy during his time in radio. He started as a radio presenter on Capital FM growing into a renown host of the morning show. This was back in 2000 when he started off and grew into one of the best radio presenters in the country.

Khimani has worked with other radio stations such as XFM and Nation FM. He quit radio a few years ago but then resurfaced last year with a new online radio show that has been the talk of town lately. He was interviewed on The Trend last month and expressed what he has been up to since he left radio. The video can be watched on this link

The Fareed Khimani Radio show is back on air and as he explained it on the trend, it is a show that will involve the whole continent. His radio show titled 54live represents the 54 countries in Africa and according to Khimani content will come from all over the continent soon.

The new radio show is on his Youtube and so far it has had 6 episodes with the latest being released this morning on his twitter handle @FareedKhimani. Episode 5 can be watched on this link He is still breaking rules because his new radio show is more of TV than radio, you can actually see him.