Fashion: the Enigma

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2014)

Einstein, a great scientist discovered equations beyond his time but I’m pretty sure if he was alive right now there’s no way he could demystify this.Similarly, you have better luck defying gravity! :-[

Good thing I’m here:-). Don’t expect me to share any Victoria Secrets because fashion, is a snake which sheds its skin constantly.

We all know your obsession with looking unique. Having that one look that no one else in the world could possibly co-ordinate. Because of this form of OCD, fashion has been changing faster than the second hand on a clock. Don’t get me wrong, seasons and weather play a key role in the type of attire you plan to wear but please note; you don’t have to go to extremes to look good. This is how you pick out an outfit:

  1. The colours that complement your complexion. This is paramount, or else you’ll end up scaring even the scare crow. If you think a certain colour doesn’t match up to yours, you can tone it up or tone it down depending on the colour and your complexion. Colour blocking 101.
  2. The events of the day play a key role in the type of attire you plan to wear. If you don’t pay attention to this you’ll end up looking slutty or lost. Both are hazardous fashion statements. If you don’t know how your day will spring out, play safe. If it’s a dress have it knee high, flexible but not that flexible. If it’s a social gathering wear something that reflects who you are, or what side of you you want people to see. Formal functions do not restrict you to boring office suits. Spice it up with accessories and a bit of colour. But not too much.
  3. The type of people you are going to meet. If it’s your girlfriends, pressure to outdo them should not determine your choices. The key to winning this silent war is being classy, classic and comfortable. Couple that up with awesome accessories and a good fragrance and voila!! Instant Victoria Beckham. If it’s your guy and it seems to be a getting lucky kind of night, put as much attention on your outer outfit as you do on your lingerie. No man wants to undress a LBD only to find granny panties.

On to the men; the lost race fashion wise…

  1. Do not go to a date in jeans and a t-shirt. It simply shows you’re not serious. Ladies are keen on what you wear. They will have a mental photograph of that.Yes you can wear jeans and a T shirt but your shoes determine what type of jeans and your belt will determine your shoes. They must complement each other. Throw away these multi colour belts or leave them for old men. Unless its authentically traditional and it matches your outfit.
  2. Shower!!! Put on some good cologne. If it’s not good cologne don’t use it for Christ sake! Comb your hair!! If its dreads keep them neat. Teeth should be brushed and minty.

Most importantly, if you’re fashionable, be a gentleman too, its expected!!

By Stacey Nduta

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