tyts4    Tights are the current day trend in fashion. Tights and leggings look fabulous but when not properly worn can be an eye sore.  They are trendy, affordable, and comfortable. Tights can be found in the most simplest of clothing stores, and most girls own at least one or two pairs.

Leggings may be paired with a wide range of tops. Chiffon tops are a simple way to make tights look fabulous. These tops could be sleeveless and loose fitting. A belt could be added as an accessory to add to the outfit. Hi-low tops also look amazing with tights and can be accessorized with huge and chunky neck pieces. To create a punk look, one can pair   tights with a crop top, a pair of old schools and a hat. For a more formal look, a bright colored dress top may be worn with dark colored tights and a high heeled shoe, wedge or a peep top. A nice mini would also look great with a pair of black tights.

tyts2During the cold season, tights come in handy in creating a fashionable look that is warm as well. A sweater top may be worn in this case, with a bright colored scarf and a pair of fluffy boots. A trench coat or a poncho may also be worn with tights and a simple pair of flats. Leather tights can be worn with lace tops and a jacket. This brings out a classy look.






tyts1Patterned tights and leggings are popular today. To create a casual look, they are worn with a simple one colored top or a t-shirt and flat shoes. The patterned leggings allow for mixing and matching of colors. One can vary different shades of the same color, such as navy blue and baby blue.  A different effect can be created when the colors are mixed. Use warm colors that go well together, such as red leggings and a white chiffon top.  Bright colors should be used to cheer up a dull outfit which has neutral colors. For example, for a black dress top, a red, green or hot pink colored pair of tights can be worn. Color blocking, is also a way to create a cheerful look, especially for summer. Use two colors that contrast in order to create this effect. For example, purple tights could be worn with a yellow chiffon top, or orange dress top with a green pair of tights.


tyts5Animal prints are a very catchy way to create a funky outfit. Leopard print tights can be worn with either a black or a brown top and accompanied with worker boots. This look is both fabulous and adventurous. Likewise, a plain pair of black or brown tights may be worn with a leopard print top and you are good to go.

Tights can also be worn with a bustier or vests and sneakers to create a comfortable and sporty look that may be worn during jogging or athletic activities.



tyts6Ripped leggings are quite daring but may be worn to create a funky look.

Tights are one of the greatest fashion ideas because of their versatility, functionality and affordability. They are simply a must have.