Fashion Tips We Should Learn From #BlackGirlsRock 2018 Award Show

The black girls Rock award show that is aimed at honoring women of colour was on Sunday night hosted by the legendary Queen Latifah. The lady of the night, Janet Jackson was honored with the Rockstar Award and her bue navy look stole the show. However as more awards show continue to be debuted, all we can learn from this is the statements made on the red carpet.

Most importantly all we need to learn from the red carpet statements is the fashion tips. The ease with how you can perfectly rock an outfit for the red carpet Here are tips we can learn from these award shows and most importantly the most recent one #BlackGirlsRock

  • Less Is More

You don’t have to exaggerate what the red carpet look entails. Dressing yourself in lots of garments will leave you looking like a clown instead. They say less is more and I tend to agree, carefully choose that garment that will accentuate your curves instead of wearing that which will leave you looking as a slut or like you missed the memo of the occasion.

  • Statement Jewelry/Hair

You can never go wrong with statement jewellery or hair/updos. If you sure want to steal the show and direct all the positive attention towards you..then this is the best look;statement look.


  • Modest Make Up


One thing about a red carpet make up look, it can leave you looking like a clown or leave you like the queen you are. Go for a modest look on the red carpet as it tends to be eye catchy rather than the dramatic make up look. It is best if you get a make up artist who is good in his/her craft to achieve the modest make up look.


  • Be Daring


In as much as you want to play safe when it comes to the red carpet look, be daring.Wearing a garment that will leave everyone talking should be a priority. Ciara was daring enough with all black look and we can’t help but love the outcome.

Now go rock that red carpet!!

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