1. Curled dreadlocks

Dreadlocks and natural hair is generally the in thing right now. Many young people are going for the long locked look, some are even getting locks added to their hair just to have it longer. Instead of having your locks long and straight, same as everyone else you can curl them. To achieve this curled look you can tie your locks into Bantu knots overnight and undo them or use a tong. Bantu knots or lock knots as some people would like to call them are preferred if you would rather not expose your hair to heat.

2. Beaded chokers

Chokers came in to the fashion scene with a bang and for this reason you’ll come across so many ladies wearing them. So that you don’t feel like you are wearing something common, you can have your chokers beaded and custom made to fit what you are looking for. This could cost you a bit more than the regular ones but it is a really cool accessory to invest in.

3. Pashmina scarves

Aside from wearing pashminas as scarves, one could also use them as a head wrap. Head wraps came back as a fashion trend as a way to protect one’s hair from being damaged by the cold, to achieve an African look and to look good even when you are having bad hair day. Pashminas work as really cool head wraps because of the patterns they have on them. Whether floral, animal print or paisley, the prints on pashminas would look awesome even with a plain outfit.

4. Corset


Corsets were initially worn by men and women for medical purposes or to achieve a certain aesthetic posture. Later people began to wear them inside other clothing but showing off that corset is a trend that is back. Here is an even cooler way to wear it.