When you master the art of versatility in fashion, you are never afraid to ring out your best look.

On 7th April 2018, Varcity held their own concert the Picked-Nicked Edition and saw many dressed for the occasion.

Here are some of the looks we loved;

Head wraps

Head wraps are known to come in handy when one is having a bad hair day but can also be used as a fashion statement.

Colorful head wraps complete a simple look and makes it look classy yet sophisticated.

Cold shoulder/off shoulder 

This one is  a trend that is yet to be done away with. It is a wardrobe must have for the trendy girl. The look created by a cold shoulder is both flirty and fun. It is prefect for daytime casual . She paired it with nice jeans for a relaxed vibe ready to dance away her sorrows.


It’s unisex and for that can be worn by both me and female. It is as much of a staple must have for the outgoing person. Denim tends to add a rebel touch and completes one outfit in such a fashionable way. It can also be paired with denim jeans bringing out the denim on denim vibe. You definitely want to have one.

Button – Down Shirt

The button down shirt has become the trend when transformed into an off shoulder look. It gets more dynamic and interesting when paired well. The styling trick brings some glam into the simple look. By simply unbuttoning the top half of your shirt, pulling it over your shoulders and tying it on the waist, it is easy to achieve this look.

Maxi Dress

Without any doubt they look incredibly feminine. To avoid the plain maxi dresses from looking boring, pairing with accessories completes the look. Adding a swanky sweater to the look made it look chic and sassy.


For the True African reveler, the Ankara attire comes in handy especially when paired with some nice shoes.

Floral shirt

The men are not to be left out as they also showed their stylish side with some unique shirts paired with simple jeans.

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Ruffle top

This bright chic design is fun, vibrant and cool. Paired with high waist jeans and simple sandals make it the perfect outdoor look.

Sweater tops

With the weather being unpredictable, she paired her hot pants with a cool sweater top and trendy shades.

Make sure to be at the next edition and see if you will make out list!