#FBF 18 Years Later; Post 1998 Bombings



    “My husband and I were heading home, I was expectant and we had just come from a hospital visit at the Aga kHan, when we suddenly heard the loudest bang ever and all we could see were dark clouds forming mid air. The air wasn’t just right, we started panicking and didn’t know WHAT to do”

    18 years later, her twin sons in a week’s time will turn 18 as Kenya marks the 18th anniversary of the almost simultaneous 1998 bombings of the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on the 7th August that killed at least 224 people and thousands maimed and scarred for life. Even after the compensation and overlap of time, it’s a memory survivors and those who were left mourning their loved ones wished they could forget. A story they would still be pained to share.

    A visit to the Memorial Park, would be a good way to commemorate the 18th anniversary and the least any concerned Kenyan could do. There is an event dubbed 7 days 7thAugust that’s been happening all through the week. It is encouraging to see the youth showing some respect to the victims of the tragic bombings  of 1998.


    A number of issues have come up since the 1998 bombings. There has been a question of how prepared are Kenyans to deal with such an impromptu disaster, since reports say many lives were lost due to secondary injures. However, attempts have been put to places no how immediate and effective people are required to react in such a situation together with a swift vigilant intelligence, defense and security organs have been beefed up.

    The issue that’s still difficult to tackle, is the rise of extremist groups that scout for youth who are potential terrorists. The government and bodies involved have been monitoring individuals and group of individuals suspected of having any sort of connection, potential or an inclination towards terrorism.