#FBF Top Achieng’ Abura Songs We Love


The tragic news of Achieng’ Abura’s death hit the nation last night. She passed away at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

The popular songstress, composer and pianist was hospitalized at KNH’s private wing.

Though her cause of death has not yet been established she indicated earlier through a Facebook post that she was ill.

On October 7th she wrote:

I have lost over 50 kgs in the last three Years. Everything is hanging and weak. Walking is a problem with pains all over. Doctor says I must add 30 kgs then lose it as I exercise and firm up. The irony of life.”

For our Flash back Friday today, we remember the beautiful soul that was Achieng’ Abura and her inspiring music. Achieng’ Abura has been vocal in defending fellow artistes, speaking against “cartelism” in radio which did not play songs for artistes who did not belong to promotion outfits.

Which is your favorite Achieng’ Abura song? Tell us below.