#FBF Kenyan Music Videos From Way Back


Thank Varcity its Friday, welcome to an edition of Flashback Friday. The limelight is various Kenyan artistes we would never forget, especially their music.

Vowels by Octopizzo

“Vowels” by Octopizzo was released 4 years ago. The song had a simple rhythm but the chorus sounds like something you’d sing to kids in kindergarten. My best bet, he must have written this in Kibera Nursery School when he discovered his musical talent. “I’m the ish ambia Nyambane akuje na Harpic!” we’ll just leave it there, coz the joke’s clearly on the song now. But the guy makes a comeback on an almost similar tune in “Presidential” which is a classical! And classical here refers to its most pure in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Kenyan Girl Kenyan Boy by Necessary Noize

Nazizi’s “Kenyan girl Kenyan boy” was the matatu banger back in the day. We discovered The Lovechild through this music, and Nazizi’s lyrical powers were on another level.

She was Kenyan Tina on MMG back in the day;

Niaje chali, vipi unaitwa nani, mi naitwa Naz na buru ndio mtaani,

Where you going to unashuka upande gani, and if you don’t mind twende roundi mtaani”

Those lines forever define the Kenyan urban youth culture.

Nameless and Mr. Lenny, “Juju”

Who remembers that for the video more than the song itself? Or rather because Nameless was an ironically conspicuous name having collaborated with the likes of E-sir, the short-lived Kenyan kapuka music god.

E-Sir featuring Nameless –  Boomba train

And how could we forget E-sir!? (Moment of silence) “Boomba Train”, a train we all wish was still rolling. The legend of E-sir lives on. “Tukikatika na hii ngomaa, just be cool as a cucumber….” We dearly wish E-sir to tell him that in this century cucumbers are far from cool. “Hamunitishi” was another prophetic song by E-sir that can be compared to today’s “Ghorilla” or “Promised Land” by Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura.

Rabbit arguably took from the same inclination that E-sir based his sinew on, because the resemblance in both artistes’ creative works is undisputable!

Prezzo feat Nazizi – Lets get down 

Then there was the Kenyan bad boy, we wonder if he still is or is just trying to stay relevant. But whatever he is doing, Prezzo surely knows how to keep in the limelight. It’s like he was born on a video shoot. Let’s take it back to “Let’s Get Down” featuring Nazizi. First, the beats are just so on point! And Nazizi, “well singeweza kuringa sikujali kama ana nyumba ama dinga, moyo ulizima, the way he approached me…”

Prezzo just has that magic wand that ladies want, check his lineage of fiancés.