It seems like rapper Raj is ready to make a musical come back after taking a long break from the music scene.

The “Obe Baba” hit maker just released a new video featuring female rappers Fena Gitu and Wangechi titled “Suka”. The song whose audio was produced by ‘So Fresh’ is sort of a club song with a Kapuka/dancehall type of a beat.

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Raj is who is the main artist on the song begins with the first verse and according to me that wasn’t the best we could get from him. He does change flows from rapping to singing a number of times but considering the fact that he is trying to get back into the industry, he should have gone harder. Wangechi who also just made a comeback did the second verse and again the verse to me was an average.

Then came the current queen of the Kenyan rap Fena Gitu and she killed it, she once again proved to us why she is still the best. With the whole of her verse sang, she made sure to have it all catchy from the first line to the last, catchy rhyme scheme and different tones well executed. I have played the song over and over again honestly she is the reason I have and I guess it’s so many others out here like me.

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Having a bigger artist than you on a song can be a good idea especially if you are an upcoming artist or you are trying to make a comeback but that requires you to work harder on the song or else they overshadow you.

I’m a fan of Raj and his music but I tend to think Fena overshadowed him on this one. Check out the song in the link below and tell us what you think;