Clap back season is here, and rappers aren’t playing games! Recently, Octopizzo dropped a diss track targeting Khaligraph in particular and other haters in the game.

Now, a year in, Femi One releases a new single aiming at Njeri’s jagular.

The diss track, conveniently titled Pilau Njeri, starts off with a short clip where Njeri confuses to being inspired by Femi One among others in the music industry (I bet she didn’t imagine they’d have bad blood someday). Femi goes in hard on the beat, calling out her haters on claims of having a ghost writer among other things.

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Femi One further goes on to mention the likes of Kush Tracey, only to retract the statement as a waste of time; and dismisses Noti Flow as a rapper. The rhymes are hard-hitting and the flow is nice. She’s even clad in a camouflage jacket, that’s how serious it is!

Femi signs out by inviting her victims to hit back, let’s see how that unfolds…