WARThe recently held pageant, Mr. & Miss Chiromo, may have been successful but it wasn’t without drama. First, the lights went way before the show began. Luckily for them, the organizers were able to sort out the issue on time.

Well, the event went on smoothly for most of the night, when suddenly, just before the results were announced, someone intentionally switched off the lights!! How predictable?! Ha!

But, probably one of the most interesting parts of the show took place in the dark. The two rivals vying for SONU presidency, Babu Owino and Philbert Kongola are said to have engaged in a fist fight, after Kongola, who was reportedly drunk during the incident, got to the stage and demanded to address the audience during the show.

It wasn’t long before Babu’s goons descended on him, throwing blows and kicks all over him. His own goons who had by then joined the fight to save their ‘master’ are said to have turned against him and joined the others in ‘punishing’ him.

After this humiliating incident, most people expected him to quit the SONU presidency race but he seemed to have vowed to neither retreat nor surrender.

Meanwhile, other comrades were busy fighting outside the Millennium Hall where the event was being held, after all, they learnt from the best. Rumor has it that they were throwing bottles, peeing and spitting on each other as the SONU ‘arch-rivals’ were busy tearing off each other’s jaws.

As much as the pageant itself was simply great, methinks that the fights in between made it even more spectacular!