PEACEThe KUSA President, Hon Lone Felix, has released a statement that will, if implemented, bring a solution to the insecurities around KU. Here is his statement:


Today, the KUSA Executive Council and a few Members of the Congress Met the Police officers in charge of the areas predominantly occupied by our nonresident colleagues.

This follows the unfortunate death of our Colleague Phenius Muriungi through a robbery incident and incidents of increased muggings.

From our Meeting, it was agreed that the OCPD Kasarani deploys more officers to Kahawa Police Post and KM police post today.

These officers will receive instructions to increase patrols within the areas of Kahawa Wendani, Sukari and KM.

Further the phone numbers through which you can seek help or report an incident are as below:

The Numbers are as below:
Kasarani OCS- 0722 225549

Kahawa Sukari OCPP- 0738 556 156

KIAMUMBI OCS (In Charge of KM) – 0722 271 978

Further Quick Responses can be obtained from the following Numbers:

0723 339 877
0720 645 533

There have been incidences of mugging at the stretch between The Main GATE and the Kahawa Tunnel, yesterday evening the Vice Chancellor agreed to have the University Security Personnel patrol the stretch.

As we agreed earlier with the Management, on 9th January, 2014, the tendering process for the installation of a light mast to light the centre of KM is complete and Adopt a Light which won the Tender has promised to have the work complete in a month.

From your feedback, one thing that has stuck out clearly is that the Management should prioritize putting up of hostels.

I confirmed to you that we had passed a resolution in the senate for creation of a hostel. I placed to the Vice Chancellor this matter today in the morning and indeed an advertisement for people to express interest in putting up hostels was advertised last week. The Management is fully aware, and I have never hesitated to tell them this.

I have to be honest though, as a generation in KU, I do not believe that these hostels will serve us, perhaps our younger brothers and sisters.
As an Executive Council we have deliberated upon this matter and in our judgment we have resolved:

• That we ensure the Police increase their patrols as agreed

• That we petition the management to have the stretch between the
Main gate & The Kahawa tunnel lit and patrolled.

• That on Thursday, 6th March, 2014- We shall hold a public Forum
with Non Resident Students, The University Management, and The Police & Nairobi Leadership to look for solutions.

• That we submit a Petition to the National Assembly through Hon. Johnson Sakaja to seek the lighting of Residential Areas with our colleagues and facilities to the KM Police Post.

There are a few other considerations we are making and I will inform you in the due course.

For further feedback feel free to reach me through (0720 021 771)
Thank you and May God bless us.

By @SlitherBee