Facebook has finally introduced the unsend feature for its messenger users. The much-anticipated feature will now allow messenger users to delete messages as long as they have been shared within a period of 10min.

An icon of a Facebook’s messenger

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The app won’t necessarily be useful for those trying to delete conversations longer than 10min. However it will at least allow users to delete messages with typos, messages sent to the wrong people and of course if you end up changing your mind about something you think may later regret, you have some 10min to change your mind and save yourself.

This feature is not limited to just texts as one can also delete photos, videos, and links as well.

The bad news is the feature is limited to iOS and Android users in Bolivia, Poland, Columbia and Lithuania for now. According to TechCrunch, it will be made available to the rest of market in the near feature.

It was first available on Instagram, Whatsapp and it is now that Facebook has decided to follow soot.