Tribeka lounge, a popular night club caught fire this Monday afternoon after a deep fryer burst out into huge flames. The staff and the customers immediately vacated the building and nobody succumbed any injuries. The staff were however able to put out most of the fire.

According to a woman who works as a chef, the fire broke out as an oil deep fryer failed to function. The oil in the fryer kept on boiling and it refused to go off until they removed the switch from the main socket and that’s when it blew and fire burst into flames.

National Disaster Management Digital Officer Peter Kung’u told The Star that the staff were able to contain 90 percent of the fire before the Nairobi county firefighters arrived. Peter said that there was no cause for alarm. Workers used fire extinguishers to contain the flames before firefighters arrived. Customers and staff at Banda Street vacated as people tried to put out the fire. The management has not yet distinguished the damage that has occurred after the fire.

Here is the video: