Nanis Wanja: First Girl From Igembe County To Go To University


Nanis Wanja is a 21 year old student who will be the first ever girl to go to university from Giika location in Igembe South sub-county.

Local administrators, parents, school children and elders were among those who turned up to celebrate Nanis Wanja’s achievement. Nanis, who schooled at Tiira Day Secondary School, got a mean score B Plain, and will join the Maasai Mara University to pursue a Bachelor of Education (English/Literature) degree course.

What the community Had To Say about Nanis

nanis wanja
Nanis Wanja, from Giika Location, is the first ever girl from the area to go to university. PHOTO: PETER MUTHOMI

The residents, led by Elijah Kimathi, the school’s board of management chairman, also helped raise Ms Wanja’s fees. The jovial Wanja attributed her success to God and her mentors; Rev Henry Gitonga and Mr Kimathi who is also Governor Peter Munya’s personal assistant. she said.

“It is a dream come true for me to join university. I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, then master’s and a PhD,”

Wanja had to trek a long distance to and from school because there are no vehicles on the route. Mr Kimathi added:

“But even if there were, she would not have been able to afford it because her parents are peasant farmers. She has exhibited qualities of someone who was determined to achieve in spite of the odds stacked against her, and made the entire community proud,”

Attending a day secondary school and coming from a far-flung area bordering the arid Tharaka Nithi County. Here female genital mutilation is rife  leading to high drop-out rates among girls, Wanja’s was no mean feat.

Education is not highly emphasized in the area, with many girls forced to drop out and into early marriages. Wanja, the fourth-born in a family of 10, said;

“I had set myself a target of attaining university grades. I concentrated hard and had little time to play and other time-wasting activities. I had to go to university because I want to help in improving my family’s lifestyle and that of the community,”

Nanis has truly set the bar in her community for the youth and women.  We congratulate Nanis for making into university, welcome to the comradeship!

Courtesy of standardmedia.