The first three public universities set to get extra hostel space in a public-private partnership programme are Embu University, South Eastern University (SEKU) and Moi University.

Moi’s capacity will increase by 15,000 beds, SEKU’s by 5,400 beds and Embu’s by 4,000 beds.

Each project will be procured separately though prospective investors, who are allowed to bid for more than one project as long as they can prove sufficient capacity to undertake them.

The PPP Unit director, Stanley Kamau, said most public universities had shown interest in developing various education facilities through the PPP model.

“The PPP model has attracted most public institutions in the country keen to attract private investment in a context of competing public needs. The PPP model is also preferred mainly due to its ability to tie in the operation and maintenance aspect of an infrastructure asset, meaning facilities developing are able to remain in a great condition for the entire life of the contract,” said Mr Kamau.