Vanessa Mdee is always there to make us dance. She just released her 5th single ‘Nobody But Me’ featuring the South African K.O. The video is shot in Johannesburg, South Africa directed by Justin Campos.

The song is about a faithful and loving boyfriend. How he loves Vanessa so much and touches no one but her. She also refers to herself as ‘his wifey to be’. Given the Tanzanian artist has not been spotted with a lover boy this can just be lyrics. No wedding bells here so bachelors eyeing her ‘Don’t despair.’  As always she looks sexy in the video in booty shorts and a low cut tank top.

The video is simple and doesn’t have as much choreography as her previous videos. Vanessa Mdee is more chilled and laid back. More as if she freestyled the video moves. The rap part of the song has a mix of Swahili, English and Afrikans (not so sure). It even has some beats very similar to Chris Brown’s ‘Whore’s ain’t loyal’. This is a great hit to add to your playlist, Afrobeat lover.

Vee big ups to you. Keep us listening and loving you!!