Every girl has those days when you wake up and think ‘ What the Heck will I do with this hair??
 Either you feel too casual or unattractive in your natural afro or even just want to feel good about yourself by looking great.
Here are some accessories you definitely need to help you look glam effortlessly.
This is a great hair accessories especially during the cold season. Also if you have alot of hair and thick, it is perfect when you have a bad hair day.
P.S The problem with this it leaves you with ‘beanie hair’ so if you decide to wear it, you hav to have it on the whole day. 
beanie hair accessories

Ever lady should own a fascinator in her closet. It gives you a classy look especially worn with something elegant like a sun dress or maxi dress. It is as good as a hat and takes away the attention from the small hitches in your clad. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘A FASCINATOR?! Lemmi leave it for the likes of Kate Middleton.’ You’ll be shocked you can rock and look just as glam. There’s nothing too good for anyone’s standards.

fascinator hair accessories

P.S Wear this only to high class events. Maybe a fashion high tea, a wedding, Concours etc. You don’t wanna look over dressed just going to a lunch with your friends in town.


This is just the most heaven sent hair accessory. It seems to be the best answer to a bad hair day. A fedora is a must have for both guys and chics out there. Fedoras pimps any look a notch, even just jeans and a top. They add a fashionable touch and a best part of it is they suit any head shape. No hustle of wearing it making you look like you have an Alien head shape or just worse.

fedora hair accessories


There’s no way that you can walk in town all day and not see someone rocking this look. It easy, chilled and cool. Tying a bandana always makes one stop stressing about a hairdo. It’s an easy touchup. Be it dreads, open hair or braids it’s easy to pull off.  It’s always cute when you match the colour of bandana with your outfit. An advantage with bandanas is they aren’t monotonous. You can wear it ‘Tyga style’ or just unfold it or even fold and tie it as a bridge with a ribbon bow.

bandana hair style


There’s this trend that’s I thought would get old fast but turns out it’s not dying anytime soon. I’m sure you’ve seen ladies tie chains across their foreheads. Those chains are great jewellery. They take most attention away from your hair. They can also be used as a Hair bridge to hold your untamed afro.

Hair has a way of looking ragged and untidy hence the invention of hair clip. The help tame that annoying fringe that keeps touching you face. They also keep your short dreads neat and presentable. Hair clips and bows always add a personality touch to a lady.
hair clips natural hair


You have no bandana, fedora or even marvin to keep you hair in check well, thank God for head scarves. The is the ultimate substitute for everything. Head scarves can serve as the best styling gear It can pull of anything and everything head gear can do.

head scarf
Head scarves brings out the African lady best. You can tie your hair up in a cloth and put a big bun both at the front of you head or the back like a ponytail bun. This works best on ladies with small heads and oval,slim faces. It also works magic by bringing Afro to life in all the best ways. One may thing they make one look older but sometimes maturity is the only way to pull off certain looks.