Five Things To Know About An Actuarial Science Degree


Sounds all sciency but do we really know what it entails. An engineer designs and builds houses and roads, a doctor saves lives, a journalist provides information and a teacher transforms minds. In other news, Actuarial Science is all about making financial sense for the future.

Five things to know about Bachelor of Science major, Actuarial Science;

1. First of all, it is mathematics. Already have a headache? Remember the likes of y=mx+c. They, who study this course, employ pure mathematics: statistics, finance, probability, algebra, calculus, economies and compound interest. Like all those we asked how they were going to help you in life. Actuarial science comes in handy in financial crises, investments, insurance and risk management.

2. Those who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science are called Actuaries.

3. The degree is offered in Kenya. Four year duration. At University Of Nairobi, school of Mathematics, Chiromo campus and JKUAT.

4. Pay is good. All that mathematics, that won’t get you mad, is worth it.

5. If you hated math in primary and high school, that is a no go zone. Look for “easier” careers and leave this for those with bigger, you know what.