Going for gigs and concerts is something that a normal person should do once in a while at least to relax the mind and body from the weekly stress.

But when it comes to attending this high end concerts that everyone wants to attend to, you have to be really cautious on whatever you are going to carry along to such events.

Here is a list of what you should consider before going for a gig:

  1. Dress code.

This is very important. you should think of putting on something nice and comfortable. at the same time, it should be something descent that will allow you dance with no struggles.

2. Identification Card.

If you have ever been caught in the streets of Nairobi then you should have an idea of how important walking with your National Identity card or even School Identification card is important.

3. Enough Cash.

If you are planning to go for a concert, you should carry enough cash with you so that you do not get stranded at some point especially when it comes to finding a vehicle to take you home at the wee hours of the night.

4. If you are going to carry your phone, then carry it with caution.

During such events, many people loose their phones to thieves who only attend the concerts to steal other people’s property. Alternatively, you can carry your small phone because those ones do not get stolen easily.

5. Buy Tickets on time.

Purchasing tickets on time is something that you should consider and give it the first priority. When you buy your tickets earlier enough, you are luckily to get them as early bird tickets and they are always very affordable. and after doing that, you can slowly start investigating and listening to songs of the artistes that set to perform on that day so that you get equipped and you can also sing to the songs as the artiste performs.