We all, well most of us remember news that went around social media over Jared Otieno’s lavish pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. The jaduong’ is not shy about flaunting all that his got.

Jared Otieno and his wife Kendi Mwiti

He arrived at his in-laws to be with 30 million dowry in 5 helicopters, 18 Range Rovers and 15 Porsches.

Jared and his family arriving at his in-laws to be

His main show was the wedding which entailed a long convoy, which included enviable top-of-the-range guzzlers; two Porsches, a limousine and three vintage Rolls Royce to the pristine location of Windsor followed by reception at Safari Park hotel.

The beautiful wedding setup at Windsor

However, all this seems to have been for show as a picture of a document issuing Gerald Otieno bankrupt has been released.

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Many have quickly assumed that it referred to Jared however upon closer inspection and to the disappointment of many, it isn’t him. Jared still maintains his lavish wealth.