Chinedum Izuchukwu Okoli better known to the world as Flavour Nabania, is one of the most sought after artists in Africa. Originally from Enugu State in Lagos Nigeria, he has come of age with his electrifying performances and stunning looks. This artist is one I respect dearly for his musical genius and humble background.

I got the chance to speak to him at the Coke Studio recently and this is what he had to say about his well-toned physique, music and family:

Your family especially your mother were not very supportive of your music making you run away from home for about 8 years.

How did you manage to change their attitudes and perceptions of you and not become a medical doctor?

My mum took me to the Church of God at the age of 11 years where I learnt how to play musical instruments and had wanted me to become an engineer or doctor but music called me and the rest is history.

How was the whole Coke studio experience for you?

You know the reason why I keep coming back is I get to work with other artists. I couldn’t wait to see how that would go. This time round I got to work with a guy rather than with ladies. The collaborations are unique. I never thought we would work together.

How do you manage to stay so fit and maintain your well-toned body?


I gym alot and this is muscle building that I’ve acquired over the years. Since my voice requires me to be healthy, I do it for Africa, my country and my family.

Are you aware that Dillish of Big Brother Africa has a huge crush on you. How would you describe your chemistry with her to be and did that lead you to featuring her in your music video?

I didn’t know about her crush on me and she’s a beautiful girl. I didn’t know who she was until Clarence Peters (the director of the video) told me about her.

How do you balance your family and work life?

I bring down my schedule to spend more time with my family.

Any advice to your Kenyan fans and fellow artists?

Be hard working, patient and don’t do too much than you can handle.

Which is your favourite Flavour song? Tell us below.