#FlirtyWednesday 8 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex


Breakups can be hurtful, ruthless, scary and brutal. During a break up its common for everyone around you to give you conflicting advice. Burn his stuff, have a rebound all sorts of things but all you want to do is stay in bed.

It can be difficult to tell if your over an ex, this is someone you shared your life with, your dreams with ,your body and your time with. it only makes sense that  he’s in your thoughts more than you’d like him to be. so how do you know that you’ve put your past behind or you might still be hovering around  and not letting go??

Here are some signs that will show you are not over your ex;

1. Your Facebook Search History is his profile

This is absolutely one of the first signs you are not over your ex. With all of the social media tools out there, it’s easy to see where your ex has been and is headed. It’s also easy to see what he is feeling, especially if he is the type to put it all over Facebook . He finally changes his status to finally single again, you go crazy. You trash him on twitter, Facebook you even compose a poem where his name comes up. You write a song and promises to sing it the next karaoke you meet him. It’s okay to let everyone know you’re hurt but if it’s been months and his still your muse, and then you’re definitely still living in your past.

2. You still have pictures of him

You still have pictures of the two of you all over your house. On social media to the rest of the world you’re still in a relationship. Pictures should be the first thing you let go off because all you do is be reminded of what was never meant to be. Don’t be in a rush though you can check them out for a while cry over them with a glass or three of wine curse, but at the end of the day you don’t want to lock yourself in the past and scare any potential future by having his pictures all over you.

not over your ex