Being friendzoned is a guy’s worst nightmare . It’s one thing when a guy and a girl are besties but when a guy digs you and is reduced to ‘friend’,or even worse ‘brother’ it’s something else. It may take a guy a while to know he’s at this point so here are some tips to help you open your eyes;

#1 She refers to your date as ‘jus’ meeting a pal’

If a girl likes you in that way, she’ll never refer to you as just a ‘friend’. It’ll always be by your name if you guys have not made it official. She’ll never refer to you with ‘just somebody’.

#2 She calls you pet names like ‘sweetie’, ‘boo’ and the like.

Girls refer to girlfriends with those sweet names so if she’s calling ‘sweetheart’ and you guys have no history. Pole kwako!! You’re as good as ‘the gay best friend’. If you’re there it’s unfortunate.

#3 She tells you about her relationships.

Everyone knows the rule: ‘Never talk to your guy about ex’s so if you’re her confidant about her boy troubles then you’re definitely not in her ‘I’d like to date’ list you’re seriously on friend zone.

#4 She comments about other guys when with you.

A lady is always on her best behaviour if she’s with a potential boy friend, take it from me. Kama when you’re walking in the streets of Nairobi , she’s always commenting on other guys or even chics ;You’re def on friend zone. There’s no two doubts about it. A man’s eyes are allowed to wander but a lady..nope. So stop consoling yourself that she just feels comfortable around you.

#5 She treats you like a brother.

There’s a difference between the way a girl treats her guy and her brother. She’s over protective of her bro, always looks out for him and even advices him. Yes, a friend could offer that but not as caringly. Trust me, I know you may think she just treats you like that cause shes nice but stop hoping you’ll ever move to anything past ‘just friends’.

#6 She talks to you about other women she thinks you might be interested in.

This can be a tricky one, because sometimes ladies just want to size up their competition and see what you have to say about your other potential options. For the most part, if your romantic interest is talking about other people she thinks you should or may be pursuing, it’s probably not a good sign of her interest in you.

#7 She consistently tells you what an awesome friend you are.

A lot of the time, when a lady is trying to get the message across to a guy that their relationship will only ever be platonic, she takes an extra effort to tell the guy how much he means to her as a friend. Part of this is probably to reinforce the “friend” aspect, but it’s also likely because she doesn’t want to lose you as a friend when you eventually give up on getting in her pants.

#8 She has zero problem meeting you without makeup

As a general rule, girls do NOT meet any guy they are even remotely into at anything less than their perfect best. If she keeps meeting you in her Saturday morning just-rolled-out-of-bed look, she’s probably comfortable with you.

#9 She turns down any advances you make, but in a nice way.

This should be pretty obvious, but if you start to put the moves on her and she isn’t feeling it, you may want to start looking for a new potential romance. In classic friend-zone fashion, she probably won’t be mean to you about your mistaken interest, because she won’t want to lose you as a friend over it.

#10 Her friends tell you that you’ve been friend-zoned.

Your friends are probably going to fall in one of two categories. Either they’re going to be supportive and tell you to keep pursuing her, no matter how bleak the prospects appear, or they’re going to tell you that you have no shot from the start, because you hang out with a bunch of assholes. So, decide if you will listen to the people who know her or continue down a long lonely road.


Hope this article has helped any guys out there out of the friendzone. If you have any guy who needs this advice, tag him in the comments below.