You just broke up with him, or he has suddenly found renewed interest in the hot new fresher that just came into the school and he feels that you are not good enough for him. You see him every day when you go to the canteen, walk to class or just hanging around school. He is part of the drama club you decided to join together. The hurt is insane and you don’t feel like living anymore. Recently, on the news there have been reports of suicide owed to heartaches and breaks. This is not reason enough to end your life however it can leave you feeling depressed and alone. If anything, it is a new open window. So, how do you deal with break ups in school??

  1. Hang Out with your Friends

Don’t stay alone especially if you are the suicidal type. Hang around friends and family. Laughing and distracting yourself with their stories help. And they shall help you get over it fast!


  1. Delete their Whatsapp Contact on your Phone

Don’t try getting them back. So no late night calls, ‘accidental’ texting or gazing at their new profile picture. Accept what just happened and move on. It is easier than seeming all desperate for them.


  1. Remove Memory Triggers

Wash off everything that has his/her scent, get rid of gifts and anything that may bring fun memories. Memory triggers make the pain last longer and it’s already bad enough that you go to the same school.

  1. Get Busy

Get a hobby, exercise and stay active. The mind forgets easier when it’s activated on other things other than him. Besides, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

  1. Find a New Guy

Rebounds remind you that you still got it, that you are hot and beautiful. But make sure they also understand that the relationship is only temporary and don’t get too attached, unless you want to.


  1. Shake it off

In the words of Taylor Swift, ‘Shake it off’. This is the moment it seems that every radio station knows what you are going through and like the artist tailored the lyrics of the song in your name helps in bringing out your emotion and calm you down. Music is like food to the soul and a band aid to a broken heart.


  1. Keep note of your feelings

Keep a journal (or start one). Write down the good, the bad and the ugly. Pour out your soul and hold nothing back. It feels like talking to a really good friend that will never tell.


  1. Avoid him

I’m pretty sure you know their hang out spots, their friends and where he likes to eat. Avoid these places and by doing so, you shall discover great new spots to hang out and meet new people to help you forget.

If you keep note of these pointers, then your remaining time on campus won’t be so bad. Remember, its just a relationship, if it was meant to be, it will come to be.

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