Campus relationship come in many forms and duration’s, the most common being friends with benefits, which changes during the cold season of around valentine’s to around April when different paths are taken, maybe in preparation for December when no-one wants to be ‘tied down.’ But the one in focus this #flirtywednesday is the actual lovey dovey hand holding serenading type of relationship.
Yes, we are going all hopeless romantic on this because most girls fall helplessly in love with their campus compatriots. The most obvious reason why most of you don’t work is because you chose that guy for a shallow reason. That is physical attraction, sexual attraction or money! Whatever the reason, check out these reasons on how you can maintain the relationship.
1: Be cool: As deep and helpless as you are in that relationship, don’t show it too obviously. Once he knows he has you hooked, you’re basically chum to a shark.
2: Don’t allow yourself to be used: It’s a relationship, so it should be a give and take. If he only wants to see you when he’s horny or bored, start thinking of other options including choosing better next time, or give him a break, yes, you’ll hurt the first few hours but it’s worth it. This will definitely make him up his game if he’s genuinely interested.
3: Give space: Let him have his friends, don’t get all paranoid when he dabo taps another chiqs pic. Jealousy is worse than an atomic bomb. That relationship will crash faster than a jet piloted by a minor. Not saying that you don’t keep tabs on him though.
4: Get something you do together: Having the same interests will always make you closer, even with friends. So, set up that particular activity once or twice in a week. You will be happy with the results.
5: Spice things up every once in a while. Nothing sucks as bad as a boring relationship. If you find you just go to class, have lunch at the same spot with the same people everyday, you are bound to get bored. So change things up, go for a movie, surprise her by taking her out Nairobi Restaurant Week, you wont regret it.
There.. That’s enough to keep your relationship safe and intact, Without you selling yourself to the devil.