#FlirtyWednesday V-Day is Near! Here Are Things You Need To Avoid Before Valentines To Get The Perfect Treat


It’s the month of love once again and most ladies are running around like headless chicken to grab their own mister valentine(LIKE BEING SINGLE DURING VALENTINES IS SO EVIL). Well for those of us who might have already landed their mister and miss rights,  here’s a few things to avoid a dumping before the big chocolate and flower festival.

1. Silent Treatment

Not speaking to your significant other is fatal during this period, especially to women. We can cook up anything from unfaithfulness to downright serial killer thoughts when given/giving the silent treatment. Text her even when she’s mad, ask her about her day, say silly things and send her silly pictures on Whatsapp. Whatever you do, don’t give her time to think!!

silent treatment

2. Jealousy Fits

Don’t sweetie, just don’t. Every man is looking for an excuse to avoid spending money at this time. You acting all bothered by him staring at Vera’s bodacious derriere on Instagram or that skimpily dressed mamma in the club might just be the excuse he’s looking for… There goes your chance to show off those roses to your girlfriends.

Black-couple jealous

3. Rumors and Gossip

Thou shalt not listen to idle talk…… Nope!! Never a good idea. Why would you want to hear that he/she was spotted hugging a weird looking old fellow/lady and got a few shillings from the encounter? The devil is a liar in this very case. He wants to come between you and those yummy chocolates and sultry jewels you are planning to indulge in this valentines.

rumors and gossip

4. Backhanded complements

If you don’t mean it, don’t say it….. if she doesn’t feel pretty and you also see shes not, don’t lie to her. She can smell a backhanded complement. She knows you are lying and for that, you can kiss that Gucci watch goodbye. Instead, raise her spirits by spending more time with her and getting her that shade of lipstick she thinks is perfect. Thank me later.


5. Busiest bee

Avoiding seeing your significant other during this period is a crime….. Unless you are out of town or in a long distance relationship, you need to give her 100% attention. A phone call at least once a day, or Skype right before bed, take a little time to meet your boo coffee or a simple walk around Uhuru Park. No money need be spent. Just give them five minutes to be a part of you will keep your life peaceful.


When all is said and done, it’s the little things that count. Did this pointers help you? Let us know below.

By Cynthia Tutay Kamau.