Here are some foods that will definately make you dumber:

Chewing Gumpk

While some people vouch on gum’s amazing power to help them minimize food cravings, it may have a negative effect in your cognition over time. In a study by British health researchers, it revealed how people who loved to chew gum prior to and during memorization activities suffered from short-term memory impairment. This scientific study only included a few people, though, which means further research and experiments are necessary to prove gum’s ability to slow down memory.


Processed Food Productssausage

Crazy about canned or packaged food items that you can buy easily at convenience stores? If so, then you’re up for serious mental decline as you get older. Researchers have discovered that people who frequently consumed foods high in artificial flavors, trans fats, additives, food coloring and salt suffer from poor memory, learning issues and inability to focus more. Scientists at the University of Bristol attest to the negative effects of processed foods to kids’ IQ levels, aside from a decreased immune system and susceptibility to infections. These children also had growth and development issues because of the empty calories and bad chemicals found in packaged foods.


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Fried Foods fry

If anything fatty, fried and oily sounds like a great dish for you, then you’re likely to suffer from poor cognitive function as you progress in your life. Bacon, fries, and other fried dishes may be addictive, but you should know better to avoid them unless you’re fine with having poor memory even before you reach old age. These foods destroy healthy nerve cells in your brain, which lead to brain-related health issues when you continue with this type of diet.

It pays to be mindful of what you eat before things get worse, or when you can no longer reverse the negative impact on your health. Keeping your brain healthy is just what you need to perform well in life even in your old age, so you should make a conscious effort to eat a balanced diet and avoid unhealthy foods such as the ones listed here. Sure, it may be tough at first to get rid of these foods that you’ve grown to love, but your effort will pay off when you notice a boost in your memory and brain power by pursuing a healthy diet.


Sugar-rich Foods choku

Doughnuts, chocolate, candies – you name it, kids and adults love it! But did you know that sugary foods aren’t that great when you want to trim your waistline or ace an upcoming exam in school? Other than making you feel hyper with that intense sugar rush, these foods barely do anything good to your brain function. Researchers from UCLA conducted experiments on rats that were supplemented with fructose, and they discovered how these animals struggled in finding their way out the maze while high in sugar. On the other hand, another group of rats that were fed with fructose and omega-3 fatty acids did much better in the experiment as they found themselves out the tricky maze. This goes without saying that loading up on a strictly fructose-rich diet can have a drawback to your memory and learning abilities. Too much sugar leads to poor brain activity as the insulin is no longer capable of helping your brain cells to process emotions and thoughts efficiently.