While Mercy Masika wants to “soma kwa shule ya Yesu”, Will Paul says “ Mbinguni hakuna digiri” in his new single Digiri which was released on 1st June 2017. Willy Pozze never disappoints in his videos. This one features dancers and Willy joins them as they groove to the very catchy beat of the song.

The video, which was produced by Enos Olik, has a boxing scene aside from the dance shots where Willy Paul fights off another boxer, something quite different from what other gospel musicians in Kenya have done in their videos. We give credit to Willy’s creativity as most Kenyan gospel videos often feature singing in churches, neighborhoods or in or alongside flashy cars.

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In the song, Willy Paul emphasizes that one doesn’t need a degree nor an award to go to heaven. Could this possibly be because he was not voted as the biggest award in the gospel industry of Kenya’s Groove Award’s Best male? Or was he just preaching the gospel?

He happened to release the song the same day and publish the video about the same time the Groove Awards ceremony begun….watch the video below and share your thoughts.