Former Prezzo Kibaki celebrates birthday.

Former President Emilio Mwai Kibaki is one man who Kenyans decided to wish happy birthday today online. Majority reminisces about his leadership and moments in power they live to remember. As he turns 88 years we decided to identify what memorable moments we shared with the president.


  • He introduced the free primary education in his first term in government in 2002. His move was quite hilarious and many children were able to access primary education .
  • During his tenure as the excellency, the Kenyan economy was reported to be good compared to the current government. This could be as a result of his knowledge in economical planning.
  • He launched the vision 2030 that is awaited to be realized by the Kenyans.
  • During his tenure, the Thika Super Highway was built that has continued to serve many vehicles heading in different routes.

Former President Kibaki had satirical moments also that made Kenyans to laugh especially when he described incidences and people.





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