Young, energetic students are loosing their lives very quickly and the killing is so rampant rising the death toll of students who die yearly.

Kenyans online are today condemning the brutal killing of former University of Nairobi student leader Samuel Ragira.

Samuel Ragira who was known by the name OCS  was killed on Thursday evening at Club 36 market located opposite Nairobi Primary School.

Prior to his demise, the deceased had condemned goons who were terrorizing traders at the market and accused them of demanding Sh10,000 from everyone who wanted to set up a business.

He further accused police of letting this happen under their watch and had appealed to the County government to come to the aid of the traders.

Could his last facebook post be the reason for his killing?

Samuel posted some posts on his last days before the demise.

Now they want to grab Klabuu 36.
Goons armed with pangas and pistols to scare people. It cannot happen.
#zagazaga It is unfortunate that Mungiki are terrorising Klabu 36 traders with pangas and guns taking advantage of the situation. They are demanding 10K from every trader to build a kibanda. This issue is disturbing as the police are watching it happen. Students are being harassed and others losing their phones. We want to know why the police can side with people terrorising innocent Kenyans. Why should a mama mboga pay 10K to unknown people to do business? Are we managed by terrorists in the name of police? I reported this matter to Jogoo house control room and police were sent but they instead resorted to ignore the situation. We now appeal to the County government and National government to tell us who are these criminals. We cannot allow. Personally I was threatened by a panga. So where are we heading as a nation?

Students from the Nairobi University went on the roads to condemn the death of their once student leader recognized by many.

Check out some tweets:

Agnes: To lose a young, ambitious and fearless family man is most disheartening. Only when the heartless perpetrators of such senseless and barbaric acts are brought to book will we see an end to them.

Amanya: Those who die in the war see the end of the war so that those who survive can see peace. Freedom will come because you have paid for it Sam Ragira

Chebet:   Who is safe anymore? If you can be shot and put in the back of a police car while still alive and left to bleed to death just because of your opinions? 💔