In this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), four members of parliament are among candidates sitting for the exam in the North Rift region.

The MPs registered for the examinations in the Uasin Ngishu and Baringo counties under the adult education programme in a private institution.

The director of the Acacia Adult Education School Mr. Benjamin Cheboi ascertained that these members had registered for the exam but declined to reveal their identities as it amount to exposing them owing to their status, neither did he give more information about the legislators. Furthermore, he said that maybe the public will get to know them at the time results are going to be released. However, it is reported that two of the MPs are from Baringo County, one from Uasin Ngishu and the other from Bungoma County. Mr. Cheboi said.

“We registered a total of 25 candidates under the adult education programme and we also have leaders, including sitting MPs, who are taking the KCSE exams,”

Cheboi added that they requested to privately sit for the exam and those MPs from Baringo were allowed to sit for them in Uasin Ngishu while the rest were transferred to Baringo for privacy matters and also to reduce interference the centers are way from the secondary schools where other candidates are taking exams.

The North Rift region has been faced with cases of insecurity, especially the Kerio valley where banditry has been experienced over the last one month but the security apparatus has been heightened across during this examinations period.