Celebrities are known  to greatly standout of a crowd for a couple of things such as precious God given looks, elegance in fashion wear and up to date accessories just but to mention a few. Of late I do not know if it’s the newest trick in the book to get massive attention of the general public and most of all, o get their music almost totally sold out. Celebrities have resulted in becoming ‘freaks’. The most renowned freaks on the international platform level as per today are: Justin Drew Bieber and Miley Ray Cyrus.  Justin Bieber changed drastically from being the boy we all used to love and adore while we were nursing the bieber fever which i am sure we all snapped of. Truth be told the boy has got a voice that could serenade one and lift them high, high above the clouds way past cloud nine. But lately the best word to describe him is ‘a train wreak’. One is left to wonder what episode of criminal minds is Justin Bieber on. Justin Bieber is neither here or there he is neither basically causing mayhem nor destroying the so called treasured peace of his entire neighborhood and not other nations as was seen when he kicked the Argentinian flag. With Bieber you never know what he has planned next with his pastime just for the world to see. He has been involved in a couple of stunts vandalism, drugs, over-speeding and been linked to some mind-blowing snapshots that seem to go way viral on the internet. Well, let’s see I big brother Eminem will help get back on his track.

miley-cyrus1 Hmm…les see who we have on the other side of the weighing scale. It’s not somebody who probably measures up to Bieber but goes way way beyond him. Its ofcos none other but Miley, miss goody two shoes   gal gone bad, to the point of being banned on French TV. She aint no longer the gal we used to know way back on the Hannah Montana Show. This came into the lime-light when she first cut her hair short; cutting with it the innocence we all used to know. She is a star widely criticized for her outrageous sexual onscreen antics and irrational lapse attitude towards alleged public drug taking. One is left to wonder if this is just one of those the sick publicity games celebrities like to play. If so, she is doing quit a good job at it id say.

by Roseann Nganga