This is no drill!! The bright yellow posters that have been spotted in the streets of Nairobi has recently released their belonging to an upcoming candidate who hasn’t yet revealed who he/she is has a great plan for the people of Kenya.

Many people are excited at the thought of a fresh candidate who can bring about changes in the country.

The manifesto tackles five different areas as seen in their website HERE;

  1. 5 solid years of light
  2. Economic empowerment
  3. Health improvement at home
  4. Development of clean energy
  5. Environmental clean up and maintenance
  6. Education enablement
  7. Access to information
  8. Arts, culture, entertainment development

Kenyans on Twitter have reacted to the manifesto that seems to be too good to be true;


What do you think of the fresh candidate manifesto? Will we know who he/she is in time for the elections on 26th?? Share your thoughts below.