Some of you may be admitted to university in cities or towns you’ve never been in before and you don’t know what on earth to take along with you. Don’t overpack or you’ll have a heavy load to carry on your way to your hostel and don’t over pack as you’ll be finding yourself making trips back to the village every two weeks.

Vital Documents

Carry your National ID, if you don’t have one yet, carry your waiting card.

Carry your student ID if you have one already, you’ll need this at all times while on campus.

Carry your passport too if that’s what you’re using to identify yourself.


You can buy thes in nearby shops but it’s advisable to ask your parents to buy you some and you’ll top up during the semester if they get lost, stolen or run out.

Pens (blue and black, not green and red, you’re not a teacher) and many pencils, they get lost way too easily.

Rulers and maybe a geometrical set (only if you’re doing something maths related)

A calculator. Make sure to ask if there’s a specific type you need.

I recommend a folder to keep handouts and pastpapers in.

Get enough excercise books, one for each unit.

Relevant textbooks for the course you’re pursuing.


Phone – of course, they serve no use at home without you.

Laptop – if you have one, if not try and get one, it’s vital for assignments and studying.

Chargers – don’t leave these behind and take good care of them.

Flashdisks – for storing files and an other important documents.

Kitchen Items

Two plates and cups – one that you always use and the other in case the main one gets burnt or broken. Buy one made of plastic preferably so it won’t break as easily.

Cutlery – you could also just collect plastic spoons and forks from food places you eat at.

One frying pan and one sufuria – Cooking for yourself is the better, cheaper option. If you are allowed to do so, this is all you need. Boil rice in the pot and fry a vegetable in the pan and you have a meal.

Bedroom Items

You don’t really need a bed as long as you have a mattress.

Carry enough blankets and bedsheets. Find out about what the temperatures are like at night in the town you are travelling too then pack warmly.

A table and a chair are optional – you may need somewhere to throw your clothes when you get home or somewhere to store your books.

Bathroom Items

Toothbrush and toothpaste – many people forget these. Pack them right after showering the day you’re travelling.

Enough soap and shampoo to last for the whole semester. I suggest that you don’t spend too much during the semester, save up.

Don’t forget to take deo, tissue and pads with you. You never know what could happen. Also carry a towel and an extra towel.

Personal Items

If there’s any medicine you need to take, make sure you do.

Take a bag too, you’ll need something to carry your books in when you go to class.

Carry your glasses and contacts too instead of disturbing the lecturer and the people seated around you asking them to read what’s written on the board.

Carry pocket money. And fare money too.