The past week has seen most varsities welcoming their freshmen also known as “freshas” for the September intake. Orientation is usually the basis for every university to bring in new members. Most freshmen are usually fresh from high school hence their name.

Consequently, being an ex-form 4, one could have been used to seniority that came with certain privileges. But now tertiary education equals a fresh start, from scratch. It becomes a mission if you moved all the way from home (like a different county) to let us say Nairobi or vice versa, Nairobi to Thika (Mount Kenya University) or Nakuru (Egerton University). You probably expected so much, only for reality to hit you. Guilty of these expectations?

  1. Expect to remain cool. You thought you were this cool kid, left a legacy at your former high school. You were probably the popular kid in high school, got an amazing click and everyone wanted to be you. You thought you could trend like that all your life, nope grow up. Reality is no one will really cares at the university especially at university of Nairobi. There was a fresha spotted, having new Sahara shoes at campus. Translated as “ cool kid trying hard, only to turn out to be downiest”. 
  2. Expect to be top of class, only to discover Sabina Joy. Trust me that A that got you here becomes past tense. You will be lucky enough to graduate in time with first class honors, with missing marks issues. Whether you stay up all night reading, spending better half of your campus in the library or ADD (only a UoN would understand this) feeding your brain only to get a C while that back bencher you only see during CATS and exams mwakenyas his way to an A.

Fresher Fashion Do’s And Dont’s

Courtesy of hood junction

Courtesy of hood junction

3. Expect to remain a virgin, only to get deflowered at Mamlaka A room 126, and she writes a letter of complaint to the suggestion box. True story people!  Your mother and grandmother went all Jane the Virgin on you, and see how that ended for Jane?

4. Expect to find village mates, your homies. Only to find that university is a multicultural hub. A Nigerian, Chinese and South Sudanese will be the new faces. But this isn’t a bad thing after all, it’s superb to get enlightenment hence, a better individual in society.

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5. Expects to be bullied. As a once upon a time form one, you would think the norm is carried on to the university. Nope, luckily no one has time to bully you. Maybe get your clothes stolen on the hanging line, if they are worth stealing.

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The best thing about being a fresher, fresh starts. Now stop expecting and make the best out of your campus days. You are only a fresha once, then again, you might be discontinued or failed but yeah you get the drill, live life, and live campus.

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