Fresher Fashion Do’s And Dont’s


You are fresh from high school, we get it; but it won’t take much because I am about to drop a bombshell of knowledge on your fresher ass.


You’re over the phase of tying your hair into a tiny bun or push back; but hideous hairstyles are not the solution. Keep it modest.




If you are not a master of colour blocking, primary colours are surely not your forte. Mixing patterns may look good on the runway but sometimes… just leave it to the models.

unnamed (25)


Wear night outfits to a club and keep them out of the school vicinity. Simplicity is the true elegance. There is a difference between a cool kid and a slut. Leave a little skin to the imagination. Do not walk around half naked already giving it all to the team mafisis in a rush to grasp gold. Oh by the way, the gold is you the freshman.

unnamed (24)

If you cannot handle a miniskirt, leave it right there in the closet. If you cannot handle high heels, get yourself a pair of sandals. Do not impress too much, the boys will still hit on you.



There are so many YouTube tutorials about make-up. Spare some bundles and log into the net. Avoid the scenario of looking like a rainbow monkey.

too much make up




Boots are for the rainy season. Sandals are for sunny days. Let us keep it that way, shall we?




Remember those high school wrist band souvenirs that pile up on your wrist? Ditch them? High school is over! Well, unless its from a really awesome party/ festival ie Earthdance!!

unnamed (23)

You can never go wrong with one or two accessories. Do not look too ‘kiddish’ . Pimp up your chest and do not be afraid to go for dangling earrings and rings. It is not uniform, you can break the rules.

Oh, how I hate these ‘ratchets’ sorry, freshers, who still hang those ‘high school college bag looking things’ to school. Yes, you are going to school, but  campus! Buy yourself a cute handbag or a nice vintage back pack for crying out loud.



Well, hope this will help you as you are about to embark on this new awesome journey in campo!