like am living for the very first time in life. Those moments that we long to last for as long as we exist, breathing and moving for the first time, water turning to wine and you don’t have to spend money, a place where you long for tomorrow. Utopia on earth, for a short moment and it all flashes before our eyes and what your left with are the memories. Memories are good for it is the archive of our lives’ activities an album of the moment we capture on the mind shot. Such moments are made mostly with those that we hold close to in our hearts, our friends.

Celebrating friendships is as crucial as celebrating one’s life. Friends make and break your life. They flood into your life and the next minute they walk away leaving you lonely and talking to yourself. True friends never leave. They are right there every step if not all the steps you make. True friends do not tell us what we want to hear, they tell us what we need to hear. These friends are mostly made when in our different campuses. For that’s where life gives you lemons and honey and that friend who sticks closer remains closer. Hold them next to your heart for you never know what tomorrow holds for your friendship.

Let’s celebrate our friendships.

Soila soittara