We have seen her hilarious performance on the famous sitcom Papa Shirandula acting as a house help. Her name is Awinja and her Luhya accent always cracks viewers up. She is one of our favorite actresses and we always wait for her appearance every Thursday evening on Citizen TV.

Awinja who’s real name is Jackie Vike has made strides in her TV career and most recently landed a role in radio. She can be heard on the drive show on Qwetu Radio as she continues to express her rib cracking comic moments that leave listeners in stitches.

She recently revealed that she is not only good at acting but is all grown and ready to start a family. In a post that was shared on her Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=awinja%20nyamwalo%20-%20jacky%20vike a picture of her wearing a long dress revealing her baby bump shows she is soon to be a mum. Her fans joined in to congratulate her and sent lots of love her way.

We hope she gets there well and brings up another hilarious act like her because laughter is the best medicine and if she can double it up then we as fans will get a good feast.