22 year old Nigerian Elena Ayodele has become a sensation in the Hip hop music scene most recently when she was called on stage to play her flute. Ayodele was brought on stage to play her flute to Future’s new hit single Mask Off. The track has been big hit for Future as it made a debut at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this week.

The flute has been the latest addition in the Hip hop music industry as it has been used in several hits that have already come out this year. Ayodele is luckily falling into this mix. Tunnel Vision by Kodak Black also used a flute in its production and so did 21 Savage’s X. The flute seems to be expanding its influence to not only feature in Jazz but also squeeze into Rap Music.

Elena Ayodele was brought on stage at Future’s Coachella gig and played the flute sample used by Metro Boomin on the original song in front of a mammoth crowd that was watching. Ayodele was as composed as usual and her performance was incredible. In an interview with noisey.vice.com she said that she had prepared during rehearsals and that is why she was not scared to take to the stage. She also mentoned that it was her first time working with Future and she was a fan of his music.

Ayodele is not new to performances as she has featured alongside great acts such as Common and Christian Scott. She told noisey that she would love to meet Metro Boomin and maybe work on something in the future. Asked about which artist she would love to work with she mentioned Kendrick Lamar who she thinks uses a variety of instruments in his music. She is currently planning to release a solo project once she graduates from Manhattan school of music this summer.