It has been raining cats and dogs, and according to the meteorological department, this is going to be the state well into May. So to save you a shilling, you can create your own cool accessories to go to class or work in. Here are some fun DIY accessories we found that would be great for the cold weather. Have fun making them during those extremely rainy days that you just want to stay in:

1. Long Gloves

Turn an old sweater into cozy long finger-less gloves. Just cut out the sleeves of an old sweater or warm dress. Cut out small holes about the same size on both and boom!! You are ready to rock your awesome new gloves.


2. Tights turned into headband

This one is a bit tricky. you will need a pair of tights (thicker materials works better), scissors, needle and thread.

  1. Cut your tights in the middle of each leg so that you have two pieces the size of your head (simply measuring by holding tights around your head like a headband) and a third piece 10cm wide.
  2. Start with one of the longer pieces flat on the table. Fold one side into the centre. Fold the other side into the centre too, joining the two in the middle.
  3. Slip one side in the other and fold the outside edge in for a neat hem. Hand stitch or machine sew it in place. Don’t worry, tights are difficult to sew in a straight line – you won’t be able to see the stitching when it’s done.
  4. Repeat with other head-sized piece of material so that you have two headbands (you’ll understand why very soon)! Place one headband on top of the other, seams together in the middle.
  5. Pinch the top headband and top layer of bottom headband to create your bow. Take your smaller piece of tights, and fold in both edges to make it look neat.
  6. Place it on your pinched bow and pull both edges to the back to create the middle of your bow.
  7. Stitch together at the back. Stitch through the rest of the bow too, simply making sure you never go through the front layer so that, as suggested above, your sewing is invisible from the front.


Adjust your bow so it’s just right, Now wear your pretty headband out into that chilly weather!

3. Old Sweater Mittens

Simply draw an outline of your hand like you used to in preschool, but make the outline bigger to create sewing allowance. The best part to make the cut outs are at the bottom of an old sweater. Sew up the edges and that’s it!!


4. Leg warmers

Cut these out from old sweater sleeves. Sew the edges to give it a refined look. You could add some warmth by layering with cotton wool and an extra layer of the sweater sewn neatly. Wear them under boots and shoe to keep your feet warm and still stylish.

leg warmers

5. Sweater Boots

Boots are the best cold weather accessory.

1. Lay your boots on the bottom edge of the sweater. Cut in a straight line all the way up past the edge of the boot between 6-10 inches depending on the height of your boot shaft.

2. Glue it. Make sure that the sweater is snug against the boot, but not too tight. Start with the fabric on the BACK END (as pictured) and hot glue that down to the actual boot. Then glue the other side over top.

3. Then take the top and tuck it into the boot shaft. Add some buttons at the top if you’d like, or have them going all the way down the sweater. Use hot glue and glue in a circle around the edges.

sweater boots

Try out these d-i-y projects, they are fun to do and you will be so proud of wearing your own designs.

Tell us how they worked out for you in the comment section below.